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Pearson LCCI Withdraw from Offering Qualifications under the LCCI Brand

This communication follows our recent message to you regarding the changes announced to Pearson’s LCCI examination timetable in early 2023.

Pearson regularly reviews the qualifications it offers to ensure that they remain appropriate, relevant, effective, and responsive to the skills demand from centres and learners around the world.

While the Pearson LCCI qualifications have a long history of addressing the need for reliable, high-quality standards across international workforces, we have seen a decrease in demand in the past few years.

Following a recent strategic review of the Pearson LCCI Professional portfolio of qualifications, Pearson has decided,after careful consideration, to withdraw the remaining twelve qualifications in the LCCI Financial and Quantitative suite in 2023.

We appreciate that this decision will come as a disappointment to many of you after your lengthy involvement with the LCCI qualification.

As a result, the current Pearson LCCI qualifications listed below will be withdrawn on the dates listed in the table.

* This qualification is available on-demand until the end of September 2023. 

 Important points to note

 After the last assessments in 2023, there will be no opportunity to resit the examinations for the subjects after these dates.

 There will be no replacement LCCI qualifications for the withdrawn subjects.


Revised Examination Timetable 2023

A revised examination timetable for 2023 is now available on Pearson’s website.

Learners who are currently undertaking Pearson LCCI courses with Pearson-approved centres should continue with their learning. The examination series for 2023 have been streamlined into two super series, in April 2023 and September 2023, where all eleven Financial and Quantitative subjects will be available in each of these two examination periods. 

Potential Alternative Qualifications

Pearson has been reviewing its existing portfolio for available replacements for Pearson LCCI qualifications.

Our Edexcel International GCSE Accounting and Edexcel International A Level Accounting cover some of the contents of LCCI qualifications. You may wish to consider these qualifications as potential replacements. We will publish mapping on content coverage and guidance on transferring to these qualifications in the coming weeks.

We are also investigating new BTECs to replace our key LCCI qualifications. Our intention is to reach a decision by 31 December 2022 on which qualifications could be developed following customer research.


As a result of these qualifications being withdrawn, the Pearson LCCI Financial and Quantitative Diplomas will no longer be available.

Learners must complete the qualifications being withdrawn by the final assessment date for that qualification. Learners will then have 24 months from the final assessment date to claim their diploma.

 Financial and Quantitative Diplomas

* This Level 3 Diploma in Computerised Accounting and the Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance have earlier withdrawal dates, due to the core subjects of these Diplomas having expired in December 2021 and June 2022 respectively.





 取消的科目将不会有LCCI其他科目替代;但培生正在审查其现有其他产品组合(Edexcel International)以及研究新的BETCs产品,以替代LCCI科目认证,请持续关注;










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